Become a Solidworks Academic Certification Provider

An Academic Certification Provider is an educational institution, on subscription, with minimum seats required by country of the Education Edition, that administers the CSWA Academic Exam, CSWP Academic Exam, CSDA Exam and CSWSA-FEA Exam.


To become an Academic Certification Provider, you must fullfil the following criteria:

  • – Your institution has purchased the required number of Solidworks EDU licenses. This number depends on the kind of certification exam you want, and it will be communicated on demand.
  • – Your Solidworks Subscription Service contract is still active

If you do not fullfil these conditions, you still can pass your certification exam by buying individual exam codes via this online store

To get more information about the Solidworks EDU and the process to become an Academic Certification Center or to buy Solidworks Certification Vouchers, please contact us directly!