Solidworks Training

As an SOLIDWORKS Authorized Training & Support Provider, we have a professional and certified team of trainers to do training SOLIDWORKS.

Why Train With Us?

Our Training Services deliver the right training program based Solidworks training program standards that can help maximize your investment in SOLIDWORKS. The advantage of our training program will also allow your trained user to focus more on design, less on CAD time. Thus, it will help to improve your productivity and can lead to better design which in turn can translate to more business for you. What also set us apart is our commitment to focus on trainee learning journey and hence, our training offering caters to different needs of your engineering team members.

Type Of Training You Need

At our SolidWorks Training Center, we care about your learning. Thus, we offer comprehensive training programs ranging from literacy level to professional level. In the event that you feel the training program need to be tailor-made to your corporate need, we are also capable to offer customized training program that can meet your specific requirement.

    This level of training is recommended if you are looking to gain literacy in SOLIDWORKS, especially for those who are just entering the workforce or in an industry out of CAD, but interested to find out more or transit to CAD.
    The de facto course for you to start your design career using SOLIDWORKS straight away! Our Certified SolidWorks Professionals Instructors will share with you industry tips and tricks on top of the training syllabus, useful for your course of work.
    Further maximize your investment in SOLIDWORKS by ensuring that the enablement program is customized for your team according to your business or industry needs to learn only the relevant tools to be productive.


Prove to your customers that your team is proficient in SOLIDWORKS by advancing your team to SOLIDWORKS Certification. With Certified SOLIDWORKS for Professional (CSWP), your engineering team will be able to help your sales to win more business. Certification will also ensure your team member is motivated in their career and confident with the knowledge that they are certified professionals.

Training Analysis

Our Training and Services can provide skill set requirement analysis for any company size. We will work with you to identify key areas of your business need and propose to you where we can help you to excel in maximizing your investment in SOLIDWORKS.