Aerospace product design processes require powerful yet flexible 3D CAD system to develop highly precise, complex mechanisms, and able to stay compliance with multiple and highly exigeant safety standards and regulations.

  • BAESystems

    BAE Systems

    BAE Systems-Cresview uses SolidWorks software to quickly deliver systems to the field, whether to develop a safety system for CH-47 helicopters or new satellite communications for C-130 military transports:...

  • mirrorcuststory

    Mirror Image Aerospace

    Skywalker Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) technology is aimed at providing affordable point-to-point commuter aircraft. “We chose SolidWorks CAD software for its ability to design complex surfaces for...

  • terrifugiacuststory

    Terrafugia, Inc.

    Using SolidWorks software, Terrafugia was able to innovate the first practical, integrated, roadable aircraft within a compressed design cycle. “The more time we save, the better. SolidWorks software has...

  • Taylor

    Taylor-Deal Aviation, LLC

    SolidWorks Enterprise PDM enables Taylor-Deal Aviation to accelerate development of its modifications for VIP aircraft through improved management of project design data. “We had SolidWorks Enterprise PDM software installed...