Taylor-Deal Aviation, LLC

SolidWorks Enterprise PDM enables Taylor-Deal Aviation to accelerate development of its modifications for VIP aircraft through improved management of project design data.

“We had SolidWorks Enterprise PDM software installed and connected to our SQL server in a couple of hours.”
– Edmund Lively, Senior Design Engineer


Taylor-Deal Aviation (TDA), LLC, provides aviation design and engineering services, and specializes in the modification of aircraft interiors for corporate jet, VIP/head-of-state aircraft, and military applications. The company uses SolidWorks 3D CAD software to develop custom aircraft interiors. Because TDA was growing at a rapid pace, the company needed a PDM solution to manage the increased volume of project design data.


TDA selected SolidWorks Enterprise PDM software because it is easy to install and simple to use, administer, and maintain. Flexibility was also a key factor, as the company needed to customize the system to its unique processes, without the added cost of reseller support, training, and customization services. By choosing SolidWorks Enterprise PDM, TDA has reduced its development cycle time, improved document management and revision control, established automated workflows, and advanced the production of technical publications.


  • Reduced development cycle time
  • Improved document management and revision control
  • Established automated workflows
  • Advanced the production of technical publications