Terrafugia, Inc.

Using SolidWorks software, Terrafugia was able to innovate the first practical, integrated, roadable aircraft within a compressed design cycle.

“The more time we save, the better. SolidWorks software has proven to be a good tool for helping us do that.”
– Gregor Cadman, Engineer


Terrafugia, Inc. has turned the drivable plane into a reality. Established in 2006 by award-winning, MIT-trained aeronautical engineers and MBAs, the company has developed the Transition® aircraft, a personal airplane that converts into an automobile. In selecting a design package for the project, the company’s founders realized that the nature of the project – with two sets of safety and performance standards – would require a robust, flexible 3D design platform.



The company chose SolidWorks software because it is easy to use, provides advanced surfacing tools, offers robust large-assembly capabilities, and includes integrated applications, such as SolidWorks Simulation and SolidWorks Routing software. By implementing SolidWorks, Terrafugia accelerated its development process, minimized component weight while maintaining strength, saved time through automated routing, and innovated the first practical integrated roadable aircraft.



  • Accelerated development process
  • Minimized weight while maintaining strength
  • Saved time with automated routing applications
  • Innovated the first practical, integrated, roadable aircraft