Case studies

SOLIDWORKS solutions cover all aspects of your product development process with a seamless, integrated workflow—design, verification, sustainable design, communication and data management.

  • Aerospace

    Aerospace product design processes require powerful yet flexible 3D CAD system to develop highly precise, complex mechanisms, and able to stay compliance with multiple and highly exigeant safety standards and regulations.

  • Alternative Energy

    SOLIDWORKS solutions are well fitted to innovation driving industries such as alternative energy sector, where research and development activities are usually the most important factor

  • Automotive

    SOLIDWORKS portfolio is a cost effective solution for high-demanding market such as automotive, where the design activity is in constant evolution during the last 50 years.

  • Construction

    Traditionally focused on mechanical, SOLIDWORKS software delivers powerful design and validation functionalities, very fitted to the needs of construction sectors.

  • Consumer Products

    SOLIDWORKS® software has a strong footprint in this sector of consumer good thanks to its characteristic functionalities particularly adapted for this industry.

  • Engineering Services

    One of the most used CAD software worldwide, SOLIDWORKS is also a choiced solutions for all types of design projects, and is usually the first choice of design engineers.

  • High Tech – electronics

    Easy to use, multi-disciplinary work enable, SOLIDWORKS software is the current leader in MCAD market for High Tech -electronic market.

  • Industrial Machinery & Heavy Equipment

    In Industrial Machinery and Heavy Equipments, High Productivity and Easy to Use are usually the main differentiators of SOLIDWORKS toward its competitors.

  • Life Sciences – Medical

    Regulation compliancy, toolboxes and innovation leading ability are the main capacity of the software to help SOLIDWORKS users in Medical & Life Sciences industry succeed in designing the right products.

  • Manufacturing

    Thanks to its strong partner networks, providing a large range of solutions/addins complementing SOLIDWORKS software, SOLIDWORKS is the more and more appreciated by manufacturing actors.

  • Mold, Tool & Die

    Shorten Design Lifecycle, early ROI investment, high cost-quality efficiency are the most asked characteristics that actors in Mold, Tool and Die ask for a software and that SOLIDWORKS software can fulfill all of them.

  • Oil & Gas

    Ability to create products working on different kinds of environment, and test their behavior before manufacturing phases are the capacity that many Oil & Gas engineers appreciate from SOLIDWORKS

  • Packaging Machinery

    existing parts re-use, shorten product design lifecycle in a high competitive market are the needs of people from packaging machinery industry and are also the strong points of Solidworks software.

  • Process & Plant

    A bit of construction, a bit of mechanical, a bit of electrical and a bit of automation; all of them need to work seamlessly together to guarantee a high quality product. This is the challenges of Process & Plant Industry that SOLIDWORKS is well aware about and adapt its solutions to satisfy the most demanded customers in this industry.